Support Us

Support Us

You can support the PUKAR Youth Fellowship Programme in several ways.

Adopt a Group

Each year, PUKAR supports 400 youth from diverse backgrounds across socio-economic barriers, religious – political affiliations and caste – class hierarchies.

Research groups comprise an average of 10 members and each group is given a fixed amount to carry out their research projects. This money goes towards all research related expenses and groups are paid in installments on completing pre-determined process related targets.

As a donor, you can adopt a group and sponsor their research process. For more details on how to adopt a group, email PUKAR at

Adopt a Theme

At PUKAR, we believe that you, the donor, should decide where and how you would like to make a difference. Supporting your favourite cause or issue is thus possible through theme-wise donations.

Research projects are broadly categorized into 8 crucial themes; Gender, Education, Livelihood, Health, Sexuality, Governance, Environment and Politics. Thus, you the donor can adopt a theme and sponsor research groups categorized under that particular theme each year. For more details on how to adopt a theme, email PUKAR at

Resource Person

During the course of the Research process, several resource persons are invited to facilitate issue/skill based workshops at PUKAR. These enable youth fellows to develop capacities, skills and knowledge relevant to their research projects.

You can volunteer your skills or knowledge by becoming a Resource Person with the Youth Fellowship Programme and conducting a workshop in your area of expertise.

For more details on how to become a Resource Person, email PUKAR at

Sponsor an Event

Throughout the year PUKAR Youth Fellowship Programme organizes several events including the Annual Exhibition of Research Projects and Graduation Event, Public lectures, Film Screenings etc. These events are open to the public and enable youth fellows to interact with a larger audience.

You can sponsor one of these events by contacting our office.

Volunteer with Us

Volunteering is a great way to be a part of PUKAR’s work. We rely on the valuable support of literally hundreds of volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming an intern or volunteer, we would like to hear from you! Contact us with your resume along with a note about the projects you are interested in getting involved with.