Launch of

“Research as Pedagogy, Advocacy and Transformation” Course,

28th November, 2014



The Mumbai Local is said to be the lifeline of the city because it connects different extremities of this ever-expanding metropolis. Bhargavi and her friends travelled by train every day and soon took notice of the “life” on this lifeline. In the packed ladies compartment, they began observing an interesting phenomenon: regular commuters, from different backgrounds and geographies, formed groups inside the compartment. In an attempt to explore this unique social bond, Bhargavi and her fellow classmates signed up for PUKAR’s Youth Fellowship Program, a research program that is anchored in Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR). Theirs is one of the many stories of youth who have asked questions that are relevant to their life and their community and sought hands-on experience towards finding answers.

In an attempt to extend this opportunity to the students of Dr. B.M.N. College, PUKAR and the Gandhian Studies Centre have partnered to launch “Research as Pedagogy, Advocacy and Transformation”, a 2 credit certificate course. Under the guidance of PUKAR’s resource persons, the students will formulate a powerful research question of their choice. They will then step out in the field and use appropriate research methods, such as Interviews, Focus Group Discussions and Survey, to gather information and analyze the many narratives they collect from their community. These journeys will culminate in a report where the participants tell the tales of their journeys and discoveries.


Youth as Change Makers!

A Collective venture of Gunvati J. Kapoor Foundation, Guru Nanak Khalsa College and PUKAR


PUKAR is pleased to announce its partnership with the Gunvati J. Kapoor Foundation and Guru Nanak Khalsa College for the launch of the Youth as Change Makers Fellowship, 2014-15. This programme seeks to enable youth coming from resource-poor households, attending Khalsa College, with the tools of knowledge creation outside of their classrooms. It will employ research as a medium through which a group of youth will try to understand an issue that is anchored in their locality and born out of their lived experience. In the one year cycle, they will try to understand the subject with through the lens of an insider, and hence recognise themselves as active players vis a vis the selected issue.

Our cities are spaces that create and perpetuate the inequality of opportunities, especially for marginalised youth. The high rate of unemployment coupled with the lack of popular, direct civic engagement is one of the main reasons for the rise of regional and communal agendas in our political landscape. In this environment, youth energies are constantly exploited. And hence, there is urgent need for the recognition of youth as agents capable of generating positive change in the economic, social and political future of our pluralistic democracy.

PUKAR believes that concerted efforts need to be made by every organisation working with youth to produce active citizens, who are critical and informed about the city and at the same time contribute to the city through their skills, talents and passion. Through its flagship programme, the Youth Fellowship programme, PUKAR has employed the approach of Community Based Participatory Action Research. This process of knowledge creation is anchored in the lives of the youth and their community and the resulting research has been seen to bring about amazing transformations in the youth, their families, the communities they work with and the society at large.

Through the Youth as Change Makers Fellowship, we wish to create an environment where the youth see themselves as important stakeholders in the processes of developmental planning and lead the informed decision-making processes. We hope that this process of knowledge creation through research and experiential learning, anchored in the students’ own aspirations and located in their own communities, would help build life skills, employability skills, a sense of ‘me to we’ thus enhancing their chances of leading a better quality of life and making their cities a better place to lead such a life.

The Gunvati J. Kapoor Foundation and PUKAR believe that access to knowledge and education is the ultimate tool to improving the quality of life of every citizen, and the city itself. Hence they have come together to launch this unique program which helps students to use research as a tool for advocacy and intervention in the community, thus transforming them into youth leaders for change!

Project Period: July, 2014 to June, 2015







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